cores mix1cores mix1

cores mix 1 (2001) was first presented as a sound installation at EXIT-01, a live event which took place in Turin on october 4, 2001 at e/static.
All 91 samplers were taken, with a minimum amount of clearing and equalizing and no sound processing, from the sculpture performance i did in bruxelles during ZOU, at The Flying Cow Project, in august from 9 to 13, 2000. in that occasion i worked continuously wrapping about 25 kms. of adhesive tape around 7 polystyrene shapes i had previously moulded. as the performance went on, four of the shapes  joined in pairs so that in the end, when my energy was over, the shapes had become 5.

EXIT-01, e/static, Turin, Italy. October 4, 2001. Perfromance and installation.