Gemine Muse, Young Artists in Italian Museums, Palazzo Reale di Torino, Italy (2002 - 2003)

Second intention / pink volume, 2002, Scala delle Forbici, Palazzo Reale di Torino. Six audio channels and diffusers with coloured gelatins

The stimulus for Paolo Piscitelli’s installation in the Royal Palace was his encounter with Filippo Juvarra and the architect’s daring eighteenth-century project for the "Scala delle forbici" (Scissor Staircase), a monumental ‘pincer’ structure made up of four flights of stairs with no intermediary walls. His installation, "seconda intenzione/volume rosa", is the result of playing on the irregular arrangement of solids and voids through the use of light and sound. Piscitelli has transformed Juvarra’s staircase into a magnificent harmonious sound box, superimposing a natural grotto onto the sculptural mass. A simulation developed out of six speakers placed at intervals up the staircase diffuse the sound recorded in the Grotto of Bossea, enveloping the spectator as though he was underground. This strange sensation grows as one climbs the stairs and gradually hears first isolated drops slowly falling, then thundering cascades, making different echoes as the water falls, as though one was walking through openings and gorges in the Bossea caves. Meanwhile, amber coloured lighting recreates the grotto’s colour tones, altering the shining white stucco with warm earthy colours. The artist inverts solids and voids, above and below, to remove the structure of the Scissor Staircase from its crystallised perfection over time and insert it into a continuous future, like the natural concretion in the grotto, everlastingly reshaped by the passing of water.