platonic 5 2006

Platonic 5 (2007) three channels video, color Digital audio 5.1. Loop min. 11:20. Installation at Tucci Russo Studio per l'Arte Contemporanea


Platonic 5 is a three video projection installation of a performance from September 26th to the 28th, 2006, filmed at the Architecture Ranch (Riverside Campus, Texas A&M University). This work was produced with the support of the College of Liberal Arts, College of Architecture and the Visualization Laboratory of Texas A&M University.
Starting off with five platonic solids, the performance anticipates the creation of plastic shapes slowly elaborated during a three day span of a time, where I wrapped kilometers of adhesive tape in different colors until the point of exhaustion.The five geometric solids, like celestial expressions of harmony, are used like a nucleus; cores that contain already in themselves the development of the possibility in the power transformed through action.
The performative model I used and the fluid action of wrapping tape, unhinges the rational thought and the rigid geometries that imprison the five polyhedra, trigging a contest between order and chance that breaks the angular symmetries. Continuously involved by the adhesive tape, the five figures increase slowly their mass until they join together, homologating one to the other, in a unique transitory sculpture that produces a new geometry in which it’s impossible to recognize the shapes of departure or one tape from the other.
The performance was also filmed and transmitted in real time through a webcam so those who wanted to watch the process could engage.

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